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by Scottie Westfall
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    A recent discussion popped up on Facebook this morning in which a member of a homesteading group bragged about what a good livestock guardian and hunting dog his Labrador was. This post got posted in a livestock guardian breed group, which resulted in much, much eye-rolling. It is certainly true that there are dogs that […]

    retrievermandog breed wheel newfoundlandretrievermandog breed wheel newfoundland

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  • 10/05/17--13:58: Meeting a whippet
  •   My experience with sighthounds is limited.  There really isn’t much of a culture of them in my part of the country, except that we do have greyhound racing. But I spent last week helping a friend of mine move from Florida to Ohio, and among the creatures I spent time with during this adventure […]

    retrievermanzoom whippetretrievermanzoom whippet

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    Several books came back with me from Florida. Among them is this book edited by Gail Goodman: Better photo of the cover and title: Because I have such an eclectic interest in dogs and breed history, I’ve been told by more than a few people that I need to read this book. So I have […]


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    As a result of my recent experiences with a whippet, I’ve been thinking a lot about how a breed can evolve such a strong bond with its special human. Some of this strong social bond has some roots in their origins as sighthounds. Most sighthound breeds are somewhat more primitive in their development compared to […]

    retrievermansartorius small greyhoundretrievermansartorius small greyhound

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    There was time when this blog was part of an official network of bloggers. We would amplify each other’s posts. The most important thing was to be anti-kennel club and anti-dog show. If one could be rude as possible about it, then do so. Such an environment is not exactly designed for close collaboration, for […]

    retrievermanreccent westminster winnerretrievermanreccent westminster winner

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  • 10/04/18--15:13: The Salukis
  • One week ago today, Jenna and I went to Pittsburgh to pick up some puppies at the airport. We found ourselves at some desolate warehouse place, but yes, they had our delivery from Albuquerque. They loaded the shipping box into our van. Zoom, the old whippet, raised his head to watch the proceedings, and out […]


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    I am not known for my conservatism. Indeed, I am definitely on the other side of the spectrum, but on some issues, I am not an ideologue, especially those issues that deal with animals that have a purpose. What I am about to write might cause me to lose some readership, but I feel I […]

    derby land greyhoundsretrievermanBeautiful  N Redstar in a cratederby land greyhoundsretrievermanBeautiful N Redstar in a crate

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  • 12/13/18--18:42: The Thinning of Ludlow
  • To name a dog Ludlow, one must have a truly avuncular animal. And basset hound with crooked legs, pendulous dewlap, and massive zebu ears certainly fit the bill. Ludlow was purchased for $3,000 from a breeder who had true European basset hounds for sale, and these dogs hang more loosely than the typical American basset, […]


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  • 12/14/18--09:35: Changing my mind
  • The best thing you can do in life is admit error and move on, but it is not without risk. I’ve noticed that I’ve lost significant readership on this blog since I’ve tried to distance myself more from the “Pedigree Dogs Exposed” movement. It is not that I disagree with the movement entirely. It is […]


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    The story of people and dogs is always tied in some way to culture, which is itself tied economics and sociology.  For example, I came of age in the Era of the Retriever, when in the late 80s and 90s, there was enough economic expansion as the result of a technology boom that middle class […]